How to recover abandoned carts?

Do you know that you lose 79.8% of the orders?

All the money you earn from an online store comes from the remaining 15-20%. The phenomenon is called an abandoned cart and one of the biggest leaks you have to block.

If you do not act, you refuse sales.

You invest money for advertising. People enter the site. Put an item in the cart and … leave. You finish the hard work, but there is no prize. You throw money in the wind …

It does not lose the chance to invest in advertising, commodity or yourself.


What is an abandoned cart and how imperceptibly you lose 66% of sales a month?

Look at the picture.

See the difference between people (4,617) placed a product in the cart (Add to cart) and completed the order (1593).

Only 34% of the beginners complete it. The other 66% – no.

This is an abandoned cartt. That is, when a visitor chooses a product, click the “Add to cart” button and leave the site before completing the order.

You need that. Statistics are becoming more and more black with increasing competition. That’s why you have to act …


How do you keep track of abandoned carts?

Even if you do not want to, you need to take action – the average rate of unfinished orders is 75%, for mobile devices – 85% and rises!

Few “black” statistics and why you need a cart system. Immediately.

  • Loses for 4 trillion a year.  For 2015, online retailers have lost $ 4 trillion from abandoned carts (the trend is to increase this figure).
  • 7 out of 10 orders are not ending.  The average rate of abandoned carts for 2016 is 75.5% (source: Adobe) and 78% (Listrak). Again, the trend is to increase this percentage.
  • On mobile devices – 8/9 out of 10.  On mobile devices, abandoned carts are 85% (source: Barilliance). Already more than 60% of the traffic is from them. You will not, you have to take action.

Your numbers are similar. They may have a percentage up or down. The important thing is that you lose a lot of money.

Do not worry, we will now talk about how to save some of these orders.


How much can you win if you start saving abandoned carts?

In fact, let’s figure out how much money you lose and how much you can win

About 75% -80% of the carts are abandoned. For every 100 add-ons in the cart, 75 are not ordered. Nearly 2/3 of all. Let’s make a conservative estimate – a refund of 5%.

If the store wins 30,000 leva, it loses 60,000 leva per year in unfinished orders. (2/3 abandoned, only 1/3 finishing and carrying 30,000)

  • 2/3 of the carts are dropped (only 1/3 is finished)
  • 1/3 of all completed orders bring us the entire profit – 30 000 BGN.
  • 2/3 equals 60,000.

If you create the system and save 5% of your orders, that’s 3,000 leva per year. Without moving your finger.

  • With 10% success rate – 6 000 BGN
  • With 15% success rate – 9 000 BGN
  • With 20% success rate – 12 000 BGN

I do not know about you, but I would not give up 12 000 leva per year only against copy / paste on 3 emails.


How to save abandoned carts automatically through tools?

You will now learn how to automate everything by using several tools. Do not you think you do this manually?

I personally tried (and recommend) 9.

Some are plugins (modules / extension), other mail clients. The difference is that you pay for your mail every month. Plugins you buy them once, but they work and carry money all their lives.


Plugins (modules / extensions) for platforms

Before we went on, I wanted to pay special attention to the WooCommerce plug-in …


Recooper Abandoned Cart (WordPress / WooCommerce) – $ 49

If your store is on Woo, I recommend Recover Abandoned Cart (RAC).

It costs $ 49, but I pay back in a few days. Unlike others, it works without the user being registered on the site. Just write an email address in the box and “grab” it.

If the order is complete – everything is ok. If it is not, the RAC begins to remind the user that there is a forgotten item. Golden option!

99% of the orders come from guests. That’s why I suggest that you put the box for entering an email address on the payment / delivery page at the top.

Almost everyone who reaches it will leave an email. So you’re sure you can contact them if they do not complete the order.

RAC can be configured as you like:

  • How long to send an email?
  • Whether to offer a discount code?
  • What to write in emails?
  • Does it only send guests or registered to the site?

You can download and / or view the plugin at this address:


Applications for Shopify

For Shopify, view these 2 apps. All are effective. They also receive high ratings and reviews.

  • Consistent Cart.  Automatically sends emails to abandoned shopping carts + push notifications.

Another interesting feature is the ability for a customer to keep an item in the carts through a variety of devices (computer, smartphone or otherwise). It also reminds the abandoned Facebook Messenger cart to come back and finish the purchase.

The application is completely free. There is nothing to think of him. Try it right away.

  • Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails. With the application you create your own design of the letters – a photo of the abandoned product, a button to return to the site, a discount coupon, etc.


Special recovering abandoned carts services

If you use a service you pay monthly. But they earn a lot more than their fee, so it does not matter. Here are 2 which I recommend:

  • Beeketing – Mailbot app. The application is for automated email marketing, but it also has built-in cart function.
  • Special service for rebuilding carts with a free trial. The great thing is that you use a free plan to rebuild $ 1000 in orders.

Super. The app is paid only. Did I mention that you are paying for the recovered orders? The lowest price starts at $ 39 for every 1000 $ in rebuilt carts.

In short. When you win $ 1000 you pay $ 39.


Customers for email marketing

The Forgotten carts feature is built-in and ready to send. It integrates easily with any popular platform – WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaSho, Shopify and many others. I recommend the following:

  • Klaviyo. An e-commerce e-mail client. The most advanced solution I can offer you. It’s a bit more expensive and complicated to use. But it is worth every leu and hour invested in his study. After a while we will talk more about him.
  • Mailchimp . A great email client similar to Klaviyo, but it is not special for online marketing like it. However, it is an excellent choice if you are just starting up.
  • Beeketing – Mailbot app. The application is for automated email marketing, but has built-in cart function.

Plus Klaviyo’s is special for online trading. There are many built-in campaigns and features that are missing from other clients. That’s why we’ll talk about it now.

“Other email clients are for sending letters. Klaviyo is about making money. “

What does Klaviyo offer?

Keyboard is similar to Mailchimp, Aweber or GetResponse, but it is specifically targeted to online marketing. One of its built-in features is the restoration of carts. That’s why I like to use it and recommend it.

Here’s some more details about him …

Invaluable analyzes and client profiles

  • Order history – What and when did you buy? What does the site do, and so on? A very useful feature that is worth every cent.
  • Analyzes, reports, etc. opening and clicking emails.
  • Segment (divide) subscribers from what they bought, when, category examined, and so on.

E-mail collection tools

  • Climbing windows;
  • Forms for subscription to a newsletter;

Template Design

  • Ready-to-click templates ready for one click
  • Beautiful templates with professional design;
  • Responder templates that look great on mobile devices

You can take advantage of Klaviyo’s services for free, but up to 250 subscribers and 500 sent emails. You have time to study and test it. After you pass the limit, you pay each month according to the number of subscribers.


Useful links

If you want to learn more, I’ve collected a few links:

  • Klaviyo’s features at
  • Integrations with Online Store Systems –
  • Pricelist –
  • Reviews from (satisfied) customers –
  • Klaviyo’s blog with (super) useful information –

OK. We’ve specified which tools to use. Let’s talk about what to write in the letters you will send.


How to make the perfect mail for an abandoned carts?

The letter has 5 key elements that make it effective in rescuing sales:

  • Subject line item
  • Recall what’s in the cart
  • Customize content
  • Review a satisfied customer
  • Review a satisfied customer

We will now look at each one separately.


Item 1: Subject line

The most important thing is to write a descriptive subject of the letter. Be direct. Jasen. Exact. Do not try interesting or “smart” descriptions.

  • Specify the name of the store / brand . People get lots of letters and need to quickly understand who the e-mail is.
  • Specify why you are sending the letter. For example, write “You have forgotten items in the cart”, “You have an incomplete order”, and so on.
  • Personalize . Put the user name (if left) and the product. When the subject of the letter contains the name of the client or product, the percentage of opening the letter increases by an average of 23-25%!

Here are sample topics

  • “Hello | Name | , order for | Item name | is not complete! “
  • “Hello | Name | , you have an incomplete order in the Site Name ! “
  • “Hello | Name | , you have pending items in your cartt! “

Of course, in place of | Name | the system puts the customer’s name if it has filled in the cart or order page. In place of | Item Name the system will put the name of the forgotten product, and so on.

The customer will see something like this in their mail:

By: com Theme / Subject: Hello Ivan, the order for Brown shirt Black is not finished! 
By: com Theme / Subject: Hello Ivan, you have pending items in your cartt !.


Element 2: Recall what’s in the cart

People forget fast.

So immediately in the letter indicate what they left in the cart. Some keep products in multiple stores. Remind them quickly by setting the following:

  • Photo of the product;
  • Short description;
  • Attributes – size, color, quantity, etc.
  • Price


Item 3: Customize content

If the software allows, put the name of the user and the product in the letter itself.

For example: “Hi Ivan, a few hours ago he put a” Men’s Elegant Bell Shirt “in the cartt, but did not complete his order …”

Thought that the product could be exhausted

Fake sale. In the e-mail, write that the product is not saved and can take another one. Use similar phrases:

  • We do not guarantee it will be available for a long time …
  • Keep in mind that we did not load too much from …
  • Take it now, before another does it …


Item 4: Review a satisfied customer

Reviews are sold.

Fact. If you have the product, put it on. You should treat the letter as a product page. You resell the idea for the user to complete the order.

The best place to review is under the picture of the item.

Order completion command

Put a button with a clear command:

  • I want my product;
  • Continue shopping;
  • View cart
  • Finish the order;

Again, be direct and direct the client what to do.


Item 5: Show ways to contact

As always, put:

  • Contact phone;
  • E-mail address;
  • Live chat;
  • Link to the site

It is important to do so. Some will call you right away to finish the order.


How long do you send the letters?

I recommend sending 3 emails within 5-7 days.

More is superfluous and irritating. Best to send 2-3. More than that, consumers are beginning to complain. Statistics, 2 or 3 letters are the effective approach.

Let’s look at the purpose of each letter.


Email 1

  • Purpose of the letter: Here we just remind you of a forgotten item. Sometimes the client only needs a simple reminder. Nothing more.
  • When sent: 2 hours after the cartis abandoned.


Email 2

  • Purpose of the letter: We push the order to finish. It implies that the product can be exhausted. We create a sense of lack. Here the tone is more serious, yet we have only 1 email to save the sale.
  • When to send: 48 hours after the cart is abandoned.


Email 3

  • Purpose of the letter: Last attempt to save the order. We use a more serious language and a call to action. You can even offer a coupon for a discount or a free shipping.
  • When to Ship: 5-7 days after the cart is abandoned.

So. He understood what the purpose of the letters was. We will now talk about what and how to write in them.


What and How to Write in Email 1?

The first email just reminds you of the unfinished order.

However, we send it only after 2 hours. One reason for abandoned carts is scatter in the user. Therefore, only a reference at the beginning works. It’s too soon to push the client for sale. This is the work of the next.

Here’s what to write in it.

  • Subject / subject line: “Hello, Name, you have a forgotten item in your cart!”
  • When to send: 2 hours after an item has been added to the cart but the order is not complete

Hello (name),
We are writing from

Some time ago, visit our site and add the “Kerry” dress to the cart. Just remind you that the order has not yet been completed.

We do not guarantee that the item will be available for a long time. So if you want to keep it for yourself, click the button.

You have questions? Concerns? You want to order by phone? Contact us or respond directly to the letter.

Our employee will contact you as soon as possible.

Phone: 0888 999 000

Good day!


What and How to Write in Email 2?

Here we are already acting more actively.

People refuse to buy because of unclear / unfavorable conditions or have already thought about it. In this email, we will link to delivery conditions and increase the sense of lack of item.

Nobody wants to take something under his nose.

  • Subject / subject line: “Hello, Name, You still have items in your cart”
  • When sent: 48 hours after an item has been added to the cart but the order has not been completed


Hi again (name),
We are writing from

2-3 days ago, add the “Kerry” dress to your cart. Again, we remind you that the order is awaiting completion.

We do not know how much we can keep the item for you. If you do not want someone to take it off, click the button.

You have questions? Concerns? You want to order by phone? Contact us, respond directly to the letter or view these useful links:

(Link to Purchasing / Replacement page)
(Link to Store Benefits)
(Link to Loyalty Program)


Phone: 0888 999 000

Good day!


What and How to Write in Email 3?

Last attempt to save the sale. If he did not complete the order here – end. You will no longer send emails. 3 are sufficient. So here we will add:

  • More serious tone;
  • A stronger reminder that the item will no longer be safe and can be exhausted today;
  • Greater Call to Action – “Finish Order Now” instead of “View Order”
  • We show the advantages of shopping with us – fast, secure and free shipping (if you offer);

However, this is our last chance. You have a right to a little risk.

  • Subject / subject line: “Hello | Name, Last Reminder for the forgotten item”
  • When to send: 5-7 days after an item has been added to the cart but the order is not complete

Hello again (name),

Before (5-7) days added the “Kerry” dress to the cart “but did not complete the order.

This is our last reminder. We can no longer keep the item for you, so we stop sending you letters.

Why finish your order?

We offer fast, free and secure delivery within 24 hours.
You can return or replace an item on our account within 60 days.
You earn points with each purchase.

Do you have any more questions? Contact us, reply to the letter or view these useful links:

(Link to Purchasing / Replacement page)
(Link to Store Benefits)
(Link to Loyalty Program)


Phone: 0888 999 000

Good day!